Ransomware Preparedness Toolkit
Worried about ransomware? With Rubrik, you can recover instantly from an attack, without any ransom required. Your applications and data are instantly accessible in an immutable format native to our platform. Organizations that are not prepared for the possibility of a future attack leave their critical business data (and their bottom line) vulnerable.

In addition, Rubrik’s newest SaaS application, Radar, was built specifically to deliver a multi-level defense against security attacks.

Our Ransomware Preparedness Toolkit includes:
  • Podcast—“Buzzword Bingo: Ransomware”
  • eBook—Ransomware Report: A Tale of Three Breaches
  • Radar Data Sheet—Faster Recovery From Ransomware
  • Case Study—How Langs Manufacturing combated an attack with Rubrik
Freeit wants you to feel secure in your data protection strategy. Download the toolkit now to learn more.
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